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Yes, the Uniden Bearcat BC-800XLT is an oldie but a goldie, for sure! I've still got two BC-800XLTs in my ham shack and they both work for the most part. Sensitivity is degraded and they have the "Blank Display" issue when you first turn them on (reference Monitoring Times, March 1996, Page 100) but will start working after being on for about 5 ...

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Amazon Com Customer Reviews Uniden BC92XLT Bearcat. UNIDEN UBC800XLT OWNER S MANUAL Pdf Download. Scanners And Receivers Coastal Communications UK Uniden BC92XLT Bearcat Handheld Scanner amazon com June 24th, 2018 - Buy Uniden BC92XLT Bearcat Handheld Scanner Radio Scanners Amazon com FREE DELIVERY possible on …

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The Uniden Bearcat UBC3500XLT was probably one of the best airband hand-held scanners, but it has now been discontinued, although it can of course still be found on the second-hand market.. This scanner can receive both civilian and military aircraft transmissions as well as receiving many more frequencies such as emergency, marine, amateur (ham radio) and other …


Uniden® and Bearcat ... WARNING! Uniden does not represent this unit to be waterproof. To re duce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture. UB356ZH.fm Page 2 Wednesday, December 19, 2007 11:28 AM ... Your UBC800XLT scanner is a state-of-the-art scanner radio with Trunk Tracker

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Washington State. Feb 25, 2022. #1. The old 40 channel Uniden Bearcat 800xlt scanner is so easy to use, one does not really need an owners manual, however I looked everywhere for over four hours yesterday for mine and could not find it. I also searched online for a substantial amount of time to locate and download a PDF of the manual.

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TX - Physical Dimensions (w×h×d) 270 × 89 × 203 mm (10.63 × 3.50 × 7.99 in) Weight 2.25 kg (5.0 lbs) Form factor Base Station Manufactured Between 1985 and 198x Other features Usage Amateur / Ham radio operators Features + options Weather Accessories - RigReference ID 4459 MPN UNIDEN-BEARCAT-BC000800XLT

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Wired Cloning (Will only Clone to another UBC800XLT) Manual. Easier to read manual. Related Pages. RadioReference Uniden Forum; Easier to Read UBC800XLT Manual; Wiki Articles. Uniden DMA FAQ; DMA Radios Hints and Kinks; Programming an UHF system requires at least 1 base frequency and offset. Supporting Software Windows OS

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Uniden Bearcat UBC800XLT / BCT15 /BCT15X. The UBC800XLT is the improved European version of the BCT15. It's a versatile recent scanner. The receiver IC is an NJM2551, with the unfiltered audio on pin 12. Soldering the receiver IC is not necessary: the baseband audio is also available on a solder pad marked 'DISC'. UBC800XLT.

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The BC200XLT was released in 1992 and came with the scanner, a 12v wall plug which also charged the included NiCad battery pack that slid on the bottom of the scanner. It also came with a general receive BNC antenna, a leather carrying case, and a very cheap ear plug. Of course, this was also the days when manuals came standard with the scanners.

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Uniden Bearcat UBC-800XLT (Trunktracker III) SPECIFICATIONS. GENERAL: Type: HF/VHF/UHF receiver/scanner: Frequency range: 25-512 / 806-960 / 1240-1300 MHz: Tuning steps: 5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 KHz: Frequency stability:? ppm: Mode: AM/FM/NFM/WFM: Channels/memory management:

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Find Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT rigs and spare parts on eBay Find the Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT on Amazon This is the european improved version of BCT-15. General characteristics HAM bands ? Frequency stability ? Tuning steps 5 / 6.25 / 8.33 / 10 / 12.5 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 kHz Memories 6000 channels in 1 bank (s) Receiver RX-range

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The Uniden Bearcat UBC100XLT covers 66-512MHz in 9 bands and receives both AM and FM. It features an illuminated LCD display, key pad lock, Wx reception, priority, limit search and delay. Frequencies can be entered directly through the numeric keypad. A flexible antenne with BNC connector is included with the UBC100XLT.

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Back to Bearcat/Uniden Next handie/portable Last modified Uniden Bearcat UBC-200XLT SPECIFICATIONS. GENERAL: Type: VHF/UHF receiver/scanner: Frequency range: 66-88 / 108-174 / 406-512 / 806-956 MHz: Tuning steps:? KHz: Frequency stability:? ppm: Mode: AM/FM: Channels/memory management:

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Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT . Thebearcat UBC800XLT is a state of the art mobile scanner, with manyfeatures including GPS input, and 6000 ! dynamically allocated channels, location based scanning, "close call" that instantly tunes to nearby signals, trunk tracker 111 mode, DIN-E standard single slot size for easy vehicle mounting, backlit keypad and display for easy …

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The Uniden Bearcat UBC3500XLT is a Europe marketed scanner from Uniden similar to the BR330T USA version. It can scan conventional analog frequencies only, and features 2500 memory channels organized with Uniden's Dynamic Memory Architecture.. Although trunk tracking is not supported by the scanner itself, the radio is steerable by PC and …

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Uniden Bearcat USB-1 kabel voor Uniden BCT15500xlt, UBC800XLT, Albrecht AE230, Undiden UCS 230, UCS230E en BCD3X, UBC396XT. nl; en +31 (0)478 649000. Doorzoek de hele winkel. Registreren; Inloggen; ... Uniden Bearcat USB-1 kabel voor Uniden BCT15500xlt, UBC800XLT, Albrecht AE230, Undiden UCS 230, UCS230E en BCD3X, UBC396XT. …

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Uniden Bearcat BC-860XLT SPECIFICATIONS. GENERAL: Type: VHF/UHF receiver/scanner: Frequency range: 29-54 / 108-174 / 406-512 / 800-956 MHz: Tuning steps: 5 or 12.5 KHz depending on band: Mode: AM/FM: Channels/memory management: 100 regular in 10 banks @ 100 ch/sec 10 priority 10 skip 7 NOAA WX channels

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UNIDEN-BEARCAT-UBC000280XLT. We do our best to be accurate, but if you've spotted something wrong or incomplete, please let us know! Manuals, diagrams and brochures Uniden SC200 Operation Guide PDF - Unknown size, submitted by RigReference Upload relevant documents Reviews & stories ...

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UNIDEN UBC800XLT OWNER'S MANUAL Pdf Download | ManualsLib ... Washington Pennsylvania. May 22, 2020 #4 rmx77 said: i happen to have an old uniden bearcat 800xlt scanner. i tried looking for a manual and any place that had it is either a dead site or a site u have to sign up for. i wanted to know how to use the search function on the scanner ...

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VHF UHF Ham Radio Police Scanner Antenna For Uniden Bearcat Whistler Radio Shack. £4.14. £5.18. P&P: + £4.56 P&P . HF RX 0-30MHz Shortwave SSB/CW & Broadcast Antenna. £88.00. P&P: + £18.00 P&P . VHF UHF Car Truck Police Scanner Adhesive Mount Aerial BNC Male Dipole Antenna. £6.59. Uniden-Bearcat UBC800XLT Trunktracker scanner CB - HAM ...

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The Bearcat BC-80XLT features 11 band coverage including the 800 MHz band. You get 50 channels with a full frequency, illuminated, LCD. Other features include: Band Search, One Touch Weather, Band Search, Channel Lockout, Keypad Lock, Low Battery Indicator and Manual Channel Access. This radio has a 3.5mm mini earphone jack and a 12 VDC input jack.

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BC800XLT MANUAL PDF - uniden-bearcat-bcxlt-manual: Uniden Bearcat BcXlt Manual. Updated a year ago. About · 0 Discussions · 0 Change Requests. Star 0. Subscribe. Model, User ... Related Pages. RadioReference Uniden Forum; Easier to Read UBC800XLT Manual; Wiki Articles. Uniden DMA FAQ; DMA Radios

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ARC800PRO is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden UBC800XLT. ARC800PRO adds powerful data logging and digital audio recording and includes the most versatile memory editor available on the market, our 'intelligent system browser' technology makes navigation as easy as possible and you can customize the browser.

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ARC250EU-PRO software for Uniden UBC3300. Uniden UBC800XLT: ARC800-PRO software for Uniden UBC800XLT (V1.05 June'08) Uniden UBC785XLT: ARC785-Basic software for Uniden UBC785XLT. ARC785-PRO software for Uniden UBC785XLT. Uniden UBC780XLT: ARC780 Windows XP software for Uniden UBC780XLT.

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Uniden Bearcat UBC-800XLT. Thread starter ReginaldJeeves; Start date May 25, 2013; Status Not open for further replies. R. ReginaldJeeves Member. Joined May 25, 2013 Messages 6 Location UK. May 25, 2013 #1 I have the Uniden Bearcat UBC-800XLT scanner and somehow have managed to lose the mains charger.